Kuala Lumpur

Every visitor seems to love Kuala Lumpur. The city is a cultural and architectural melting pot, a medley of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. Temples, mosques and churches are squeezed in between futuristic highrises, colonial mansions and fancy mega-malls. And then there’s the scrumptious food and the colorful street markets at every turn. What’s not to love about KL?

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  1. Um, why do you ask me questions like this?

  2. avatar wynette says:

    Wow! I just visited Malaysia, Singapore, and Borneo for the 1st time in May, 2011 and was blown away by the sci-fi scenarios, vibrant cultures, space age sky scrapers, and kind people (someone always gave me a seat on the super modern subways). Somehow I can never convey they experience to my friends in the US box, but now I can send them this website. Thx a bunch. Only wish I could find footage of the Changi Airport,and tame Tamarind Monkeys not in cages, and petting the lemurs at the Singapore Zoo. Only possible in Asia, no one would grab one and use it for a basketball.

  3. avatar Freda says:

    Hi Guys,
    Terima Kasih
    Saya Cinta Anda
    Tinggal Gembira


  4. avatar Freda says:

    Hi Guys,
    Would you please give us the name of the composer of the song on this video.
    The credits at the end run to fast for me to read.
    I want to order this CD

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