Mat Rempit

Just when you think humanity can’t get any dumber, a mat rempit speeds by you on the freeway and you suddenly realize that there is truly no limit to the depths of human idiocy.

Mat rempit are Malaysia’s weird cult of outlaw motorbike daredevils. Bands of these rebel bikers zoom through freeway traffic performing insanely dangerous stunts with little or no regard for others on the road. These boneheads crave acknowledgement – psychologists would have a field day with them.

Wherever you drive in Malaysia, mat rempit race by lying on their seats in a pose reminiscent of superman without a brain. The seriously challenged prefer to stand on their seats. Yikes! I personally don’t care if they kill themselves – I just don’t want to have to watch it, or worse, have them take me with them in a massive freeway pile-up.

While such activities are illegal in Malaysia, estimates of as many as 200,000 mat rempit in the country mean that they are starting to have an influence on politicians. Despite this influence and the strange aura of coolness that surrounds these marauding bands of numskulls, one mat rempit couple recently went too far stirring up headlines around the country. The scatterbrained pair were caught racing with their 15-month old baby. Wow, now that’s stupid!

While most Westerners have never heard of mat rempit, these addle-brained blockheads have found their way into the English version of Wikipedia as well as becoming Youtube sensations with hundreds of thousands of viewers. Oh, humanity! Stupid, stupid humanity.

Just a quick note that the embedded video above is not ours. We witnessed almost exactly the same scene over and over, but we did not want to film them for fear of encouraging them to do something even riskier which might result in an accident. The mat rempit we saw were driving much faster than those in this video, weaving in and out of traffic on their stomachs.

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  1. avatar Freda says:

    Yes, we did witness many of these idiots when we were on the road with you guys in Malaysia.
    Driving there is scary enough. If fact it is better to look out at the countryside when you are a passenger in Malaysia. Looking at the roads could cause one to have a breakdown.

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