Ken’s Flower-Eating Fish

We’ve tracked tigers, done the holy kora around Mt. Kailash, swum with whale sharks, and visited the Taj Mahal. But seriously, people, one of the greatest things we’ve discovered in our travel careers is Ken’s flower-eating pet fish.

In 1982, Ken (Fatt) caught the fish, a giant gourami, and put it into a small pool in his family’s garden. Bizarrely, the fish, which the family has creatively named “Fish”, seems to be thriving in the pool and has adapted to the family’s presence – it even eats flowers right out of your hand. Honestly, Fish seems much more like a puppy dog to me. How cool is that?

Also, notice our first HD video. Finally high definition has come to

5 responses to “Ken’s Flower-Eating Fish”

  1. avatar Barbara says:

    Man, that is one ugly fish!

  2. avatar Stephen Leang says:

    Yep! It shore is uuggly. But it’s Family!
    Tony and Thomas, glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves during your stay here. It was a great pleasure to have you guys here. The both of you really had us laughing (till we snorted like pigs) with your travel anecdotes. Please do drop us a visit on your next trip here. Mei Ling can cook up a storm in a moments notice. So don’t hesitate to drop by anytime.

  3. avatar Ken says:

    I can’t stop watching this video
    I think after all these years the fish deserves a name.

    I think we should call her Fantasia.
    Yes, she is a female fish.

  4. Most importantly, can you pet Fish, and will she suck on your toes?

  5. avatar Stephen Leang says:

    Ken, How’d you know it’s sex? did you ask it? :)) and
    Laurelle, i wouldn’t recommend you petting it or to put your toes anywhere near it. Fish regards anything near it as yummy food. I got a bloody finger a long time ago to show for it.

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