Back to KL

After only a couple of months in Indonesia, we have temporarily left the country. As much as we want our lives to be a continuation of jungle trekking and sea adventures, the harsh reality of living in the third world can quickly put a stop to that.

The expiration of our tourist visas coupled with a series of national holidays, which kept the nearest immigration office closed for a solid week, was our main motivation for flying back to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In addition, Tony is in serious need of a health check-up for persistent stomach issues, and I need to find a replacement camera after my Canon G12 died in a diving accident.

If that weren’t motivation enough to go back to KL, we were starving for Chocolate Indulgence, our favorite chocolate cake at Secret Recipe. With a daily dose of chocolatey, creamy goodness waiting for us, our little travel “set-back” suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

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