Kelapa Muda

Traveling through Indonesia, there are two important words everyone should know: kelapa muda, which means young coconut. While coconut water is the latest health craze in the West, it’s just another refreshment on a hot and humid day in Asia. Often compared to an isotonic sports drink, it’s definitely a few steps above Coca Cola, which – as we all know – is normally Tony’s lifeblood. But even he can’t resist a green coconut right off the palm.

6 responses to “Kelapa Muda”

  1. Mmmm! My favorite, without question. Getting in to one of the damn things takes some skill and the right set up, however. It’s good that you found a local expert.

  2. Of course it is fabulous! It’s an unadulterated creation of Mother Nature herself. Then again, so is hemlock.

  3. avatar Thomas says:


    I only tried to open a coconut once, many years ago in Honduras – but that didn’t end well.

    Let me just say, never use the saw on your pocket knife when you actually need a machete.

  4. avatar Tony says:

    Thomas almost lost his finger that time.

  5. avatar budyk says:

    Es kelapa muda…nice

  6. avatar Anak Dagang says:

    This name is kelapa muda, very good let alone mixed with milk and ice

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