How Lazy are You?

I mean seriously, people, how lazy can you be? An organized package transfer to cross the border from Langkawi, Malaysia to Satun, Thailand for “the bargain price” of $19 per person? Really? For the two of us, that would have been $38 for a tiny hop, skip and a jump.

On our own, we took a taxi from our hotel directly to the ferry ($8), bought a ferry ticket ($5 per person), and took the shuttle into Satun ($1 per person). Total for two people: $20. That’s a whopping $18 dollar savings for the two of us. Even a person traveling on their own would have saved $5. And the whole process couldn’t have been easier and more straight-forward. Why is everyone buying these package deals? Do they not know how to take a taxi? Is buying a ferry ticket that difficult? Doesn’t anyone have a guidebook? Or common sense?

I think it’s time to reactivate those travel brains.

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  1. avatar Freda says:

    Thank Goodness you have addressed this problem.

    It can be infuriating when the majority of lazy travelers today follow the (I”m not going to think out anything”) procedure.

    The main reason this is a problem is because many travel destinations are now becoming virtually impossible to go to for the independent traveler

    When so many travelers insist on having every thing done for them,this ends up costing several times more money,( for all travelers,) just to cover commissions TO EVERYONE who has their fingers in the local money pot.

    Come on people wake up.

  2. avatar Sascha says:


    I am an independent traveler with full credentials and i am headed to langkawi soon. I usually would just roll up and see what’s going on. But i am bringing my wife, 2 small sons and possibly my parents with me. So i wont be screaming around on a motorbike and sneaking into resorts pretending to be a doctor or astronaut or steel magnate.

    what i’m looking for is a smooth little spot, away but connected, beautiful and peaceful where i can run around with 2 lil scamper butts and my mom can get a tan. you know. resort living basically. money is not really a huge problem not cuz i’m a baller, but more cuz malaysia is still pretty cheap.

    What say you? feel free to reply on my blog or send me an email.


    • avatar Tony says:

      Hey Sascha,

      If money is not really an issue, I would recommend a hotel on Burau Bay. I think the hotel right on the beach was called Mutiara Burau Bay. There are also some cheaper bungalows on the Pantai Kok side. Both beaches are fine for kids to swim and the view is awesome. Be aware that many beaches around the island are private, which means you can’t swim on them. Pantai Cenang, the main public beach on Langkawi, is fine and there are many bars and restaurants to choose from there.

      Be careful where you book as Langkawi is enormous and you will usually have to travel by expensive taxi to get around. Malaysia is relatively cheap, but prices on Langkawi are much higher than in the rest of the country. (Although they are still cheaper than in the West.)

      If you haven’t been to Langkawi before, be aware that the water is not crystal clear as in other parts of the Andaman Coast. It’s still nice though.

  3. avatar Mrs Monjey says:

    I just came back from Langkawi and I did the organised trip. I had read your blog before hand but I can afford the extra to help the people of Langkawi and save me thinking. I think working 30 hours a week and raising 4 kids allows me that right.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Help the people of Langkawi? Very funny…. This sounds like the financial equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome.

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