Back to Bali

After Sumba, Thomas and I needed a break in Bali. A few months of adventure in eastern Indonesia will leave even the most intrepid traveler inspired yet exhausted. What better place to relax a little than in Ubud. It’s not exactly off the beaten track, but there’s great food, some nice galleries, great walks in the surrounding countryside, and loads of culture.

Bizarrely, despite the fact that we spent almost a month in Bali the first time, we realized we hadn’t really explored many of the temples. Well, there’s no better place for Balinese temples than Ubud!

2 responses to “Back to Bali”

  1. avatar Ryan McCoy says:

    Its a good life when “a break” is Bali. Looking forward to any future posts about the trip!

  2. avatar Janine says:

    “Eat, Pray, Love” is one of my favorite travel books. So naturally, Bali is one of my favorite destinations.

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