Rajdhani Express India – Traveling in Style?

Ever since we came to this country, we’ve been wanting to travel on board some of India’s luxurious trains. The famous Palace on Wheels or The Fairy Queen are out of question as $700 dollars a day for a double compartment is a bit beyond our budget. So we chose the Rajdhani Express.

Super deluxe clearly isn’t for us, but traveling on the deluxe Rajdhani Express for our 14-hour overnight journey from Ahmedabad to New Delhi wasn’t too shabby either. It was a bit painful to spend $133 on a couple of first-class train tickets as that amount would normally be our entire budget for a 5-day period. However, the promise of a first-class sleeper compartment and food served on china convinced us to shell out the dough.

Watch the video to follow along on our train journey and see for yourself what luxurious means in India, and why big bucks don’t always guarantee success. If you want to find out why we didn’t make it to New Delhi make sure you watch the whole thing.

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  1. avatar hint says:

    Hey guys!

    What a coincidence! Just two days ago we watched “Darjeeling Limited” and now here you are, filming you own deluxe train journey… What a pity you didn’t make it to Delhi, but consider yourself lucky: afterall trains even get lost in India 😉
    Küssles, Leonie und Özgür

  2. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] Guests are considered God in India. I am sorry that they had to go through the horrile experience. Isn’t it true that India is dirty. And isn’t it true that he plate he wiped was dirty. Why do u get mad when he and other points out the obvious? THis is the reason why India and Indians are not developing. I take their coments as constructive critisicm. You should be ashamed of rebuing them like a bitch!!

  3. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] I apologize as an Indian to Mr. Kumar’s commets. Please do visit again. We realize that India is dirty and chaotic. Only when people from other countries point it out it stings and hopefully we will do something about it instead of rebuking those who point out the obvious. India is dirty and it smells and no one does anythng about it. Inface everyone contributes to the dirt. No one demands a proper garbage system, sewer system and no politician is proactive enough to do it by himself. WELCOME

  4. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] Wow look who is talking about gays. India is a land where grown ass men walk holding each other’s pinkies :). They walk like they are lovers. Atleast in the west only the gays do that and they ahve a good reason to do what they do. THese guys in India hold each other’s hands and stare at girls and try to look tough lol. BUnch of confused dirty maggots. These guys pointed out the obvious. DOn’t like it? Live with it coz INDIA IS DIRTY AND INDIANS STINK> JAI HIND!!

  5. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] India sure is dirty and I take it as a constructive criticism. Even if the German posted the video to ridicule India r maybe he did it coz he was realy frustrated by the service and over all experience. I can’t expect anyone else expect Infians to Love India. However, we Indians need to realize we are exposing ourselves to criticism and ridicule when we are so huge and at the same time so dirty and chaotic. WE have to do something about it. oliticians are a prdct of our own society so lets do it

  6. avatar scriptase says:

    [..YouTube..] I wasn’t really being critical about these guys being effeminate. I haven’t really seen the holding pinkies thing in India, although i remember russel peters (comedian) talking mentioning it. haha. But i know what you mean when you say SOME indian guys are too touchy. Maybe it has to do with the fact that those guys more confident about their sexuality/dont give a fuck…not that i would ever do that. haha.

  7. avatar scriptase says:

    [..YouTube..] Yes, India is dirty, chaotic, etc etc. Thats what makes india… INDIA! You are telling me these white boys didn’t expect shit like this to happen before embarking on their journey. Enjoy every country for what is it. These guys should STOP WHINING!

  8. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] My point is, you ignore the dirt and chaos and look the other way but when someone points out the obvious you get mad. How does that make sense? Did they say it’s dirty when it’s not? I am pretty sure he must have heard abut India but maybe when he experienced it he cdn’t help comment. I don’t agree with your comment dirt is what makes India so enjoy it. It’s the people like me and u who has made the land like it is. What do u do with the garbage in your house? DO u have a specific place to dump

  9. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] In Germany they have multiple garbage boxes and they recycle almost everything. They are the pioneers in cleanliness as well as environment friendly projects. I understand that you love our country but you need to learn to take in facts, accept it and do something bot it. If the poiticians are not doing anything bot it, demand it. let it come from the grass roots and the middle class. in the western world te federal govt does not interfer in garbage disposal. it’s done loccally.

  10. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] Why can’t you, ur folks, neighbours all get togehter and atleast take the first step of discussing about the dirt in your neighbourhood and how to dispose garbage? DO u do that? how many members of your family chew pan and spit wherver they like. IF not family then friends or neighbours. DO u rebuke them like the way you rebuked these guests. Maybe they didn’t have a good intention. Maybe they were makin fun of us. But we exposed ourselves. Let’s do something about it. Start with your own hod.

  11. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s not becuase they are confident about their sexuality. It’s coz acess to opposite sex is restricted. THey behave with each other like they should with their lover(of whatever sex). THe absence of a girl and restrictions in interacting with them makes the men in India behave the way they do. Maybe Gayism is not as rampant as it’s in the west but I know Homosexuality and bisexuality is very rampant infact more than in the west coz of the abnormality in the society. Even b4 RP others ve noticed

  12. avatar scriptase says:

    [..YouTube..] You misread my comment. Obviously, I didnt literally mean dirt is what “defines” the Indian experience. What I meant was: India has certain characteristics that are very unique to it, making it an amazing country to experience. 3 of my friends and I backpacked across india last summer during my vac – one of the most amazing experiences of my life. None of us ever whined like this or compared it our lifestyles back in the US.

  13. avatar scriptase says:

    [..YouTube..] Your analysis about the gayness may be right. I just thought that indians in general are not that homophobic, compared to the west. I have noticed that a majority of fathers and sons dont hug in the US! But thats another topic.

  14. avatar polyphemus22 says:

    [..YouTube..] You’re a whiny little bitch, contemporarynomad.

  15. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] I think we are concentrating too much on others when we have a long way to go before we can and are considered developed (in every sense). Forget about what american fathers and sons do and don’t. We ahve to start working on our development right this second. Let’s not waste time getting mad at others. Let’s take responsibilty and if others are ridiculing us ignore that coz the fact is we have exposed ourselves by being the way we are. Lets create community groups dedicated to cleanliness.

  16. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] Honestly I wish you did compare your experiences to ur lifestyles in the US and also did something about it. I wish we all did. And please don’t think that I am commenting coz I am perfect. Infact far from it and I don’t even do anything about the stuff in India. I am suggesting that as Indians lets come together and say “WE ARE WRONG IN MANY WAYS AND THINGS, LETS MAKE IT RIGHT. LET’S STOP EXPOSING OURSELVES TO OTHERS. WHEN WE ARE DONE WE WILL SPEAK THEN AND UNTILL THEN OUR ACTIONS LL SPEAK4 US.

  17. avatar vincentop83 says:

    [..YouTube..] lol hahaha

  18. avatar EsotericDesi says:

    [..YouTube..] If you believe that sexes in India are separated, then you really are an ignorant person… Indian perfected sex… and made it pleasurable… 😛 Every heard of Kamasutra? Plus, Gay Community of India is more open than the one in USA… Yes, law may not have recognized them fully but society’s not shunned them… Plus, not just gays, even on matters of women, India is far more an open-minded place than probably rest of the world put together…

  19. avatar EsotericDesi says:

    [..YouTube..] Nice video but you guys kept bitching about everything too much… I mean, if you travel to another part of the world, last thing you should do is rant about how imperfect everything is… :-\ A bit of discomfort is part of travel… Life isn’t perfect… :-\ So get used to it… Plus, the train you were riding was far more faster than Amtrak in USA… 😛

  20. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] I have to admit we are both talking about diff Indias. Comm r open and closed all over the world in their own way. However, the Comm in the middle east and in the subcont is more closed than open. THe law in India does not allow gays to be married n doen’t recog them as. However, “HIJADAS” sure r “TOLERATED” coz of their “MYTHOLOGICAL” importance. I wdn’t call that “OPEN MINDEDNESS” as such. KAMASUTRA was sure dev in India although v r sure not talkin bot the ancient India over here, infact we r

  21. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] talkin bot present age India where boys are forbidden from having GF’s and Vice versa. Where Parents intrude into the kids life even after they turn 30 n beyond. Just because ppl wth abundance of time in their hands, mastered the act of sex in the past doesn’t mean that ‘TODAY’s” India is as free and tolerant. Today’s India can’t even accept a man and a woman or boy and a girl holding hands 2gether let alone ‘KSUTRA”. Sexes are separated in buses, publi places,religious places. u can’t have a gf

  22. avatar SharksKid says:

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, unfortunately Indians are pretty apathetic about that sort of thing.

  23. avatar humanrascals says:

    [..YouTube..] You have a back up? Death is hissing your and my ass every moment. It strikes at the least unexpected moment. Who will manage your you tube and whining, later? You seem to be very sad and frustrated in life. Unknowingly you are emanating the vibrations. Do you know where your mind is? You cannot even see your fucking hands in dark. Pathetic sad state of human affairs.

  24. avatar Suniltg says:

    [..YouTube..] Ha ha…. the twist to the story at the end is interesting. That’s (north) India for you friends!!

  25. avatar griankay says:

    [..YouTube..] Very very nice!

  26. [..YouTube..] You winge far too much.

  27. [..YouTube..] Kamasutra was originated in India. Do your research. And i agree with Esoteridesi that regardless of laws against gays and trans. Indian in general are very open minded and respectful to gays and trans-sexuals. Its easy to make quick judgements about how “imperfect” india is but your society is more closed minded than anyone else.

  28. [..YouTube..] Just because we can’t hold hands doesn’t mean Kamsutra didn’t start in India. I completely disagree with your statement Today’s India can’t even accept a man and a woman or boy and a girl holding hands 2gether let alone ‘KSUTRA” and guys and girls can’t have boyfriends”. Its not true, if you look at india today, we are more fowarded than yesterday, life changes dramactically in India. We have something called “manners and humility” vs. western shameful society.

  29. [..YouTube..] I mean “shameless society.”

  30. [..YouTube..] For those who think parents intrude married couples life, then you are completely mistaken. In India, we have close family bonds, we know what family means vs. western society where man and woman don’t have respect for your parents, where as soon as you turn 18 years old, you run out of your home; and lastly having sex at age 13. Plus, western parents also intrude couple or kids lives, so what’s the difference? India has humility and like to remain private vs western people.

  31. avatar andimoi says:

    [..YouTube..] “We have something called “manners and humility” vs. western shameful society. ” Are you suggesting that holding hands with the one you love is a shameless act. In that case would you consider guys holding hands in India even if they are just friends shameless? It needs a lot of maturity and innocence to an extend to see beyond sex. Indians are not even comfortable with opp sexes holding hands. THEY STARE RELENTLESSLY. If we don’t achieve a certain level of social ettiquet we will always be bkwd

  32. avatar boazrg says:

    [..YouTube..] This is G-d’s truth! I would never have believed that in my lifetime, morals and family life in the states would have declined so much! I feel badly that the young people must live in such a society.

  33. [..YouTube..] You’re making it as if those young people are in hell. Those young people have the freedom to do whatever they wish, its a free country. People, however, can believe what they want. No one is going to arrest you or kill you just because you hold someone’s hands and walk down the street. I did that with my girlfriend and no one gave a damn. Don’t blame society for past “made” up rules. India was, now, and forever will be a free country.

  34. [..YouTube..] And don’t forget, India has only 60 years of independence, so it has a lot to go through before you see any “results”.

  35. avatar boazrg says:

    [..YouTube..] I was referring to the US, not to India!

  36. [..YouTube..] Yeah I understand. I was still talking about India though. lol

  37. avatar die4gooners says:

    [..YouTube..] hah ahaha.. good video

  38. avatar CST1992 says:

    [..YouTube..] sorry for you but this doesnt happen always

  39. avatar kapilchandra says:

    [..YouTube..] firstly:it doest happen every time second we neva tell nything bad abt any country we respect every country and jus talk the GOOD nd neva show the bad that is how we are nd that is why we are indian’s and we dont picturise and show the rats and other stuff of ny country like u did why does america doesn have rats or disgusting stuff isnt there in ur country check it out dude u ll knw before posting and telling ppl on nything

  40. avatar anurek123 says:

    [..YouTube..] okay stuff likes travel delays and cancellations happen very rarely!! i am mean very very rare cases!! its unfortunate that you had to return back to ahmedabad again!

  41. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] 100 s of INDIANS!!!!!!!!!!!! u bastards cn never think out of Rascism

  42. avatar chooth22 says:

    [..YouTube..] If you want the Orient Express then go get a ticket and travel on it by all means. The IR puts the US rail system (Amtrak) to shame.

  43. avatar ss911983 says:

    [..YouTube..] you mentioned that it’s not orient express…but I would like to tell you that rajdhani is a passanger civil train….if u want orient luxury…u should try Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, heritage on Wheels etc. like trains..they r far better than orient..!!

  44. [..YouTube..] In its extensiveness – yes. In its quality – no.

  45. [..YouTube..] That has nothing to do with racism. I simply pointed out that we were lost in a sea of locals who could all communicate and yell in Hindi to get their refunds.

    We were initially shorted by $30, then by $10 and finally, we got the full amount back.

  46. [..YouTube..] We don’t really understand why this video gets such angry reactions. We simply stated the facts.

    Yes, the train station smelled horrible; Yes, it was great to have privacy; Yes, the plates were dirty; Yes, the food was delicious; Yes, we didn’t get to Delhi; Yes, the beds were comfortable; Yes, we paid a lot of money and our expectations were high.

    If I had done a video about a train trip in Germany, I also would’ve mentioned a smelly train station or great food. It’s no attack on Indians!

  47. avatar oresundguy says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad

    I don’t get it either but these days they take facts as personal attacks and emotional angry reactions are the norm, just like in the Middle-East. It’s virtually possible to have a sane good discussion based on facts.

  48. avatar shaffikish says:

    [..YouTube..] Funny… Real face of Indian Railway.

  49. avatar vim90 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad You two are the most racist twonkers there can be. Typical Canadians eh! Not exactly the Orient Express! You coudln’t afford the Orient Express anyway even if you tried. Then you blab on about German Rail. Why aren’t you in jackboots screaming ‘Zeig Heil???

  50. avatar vim90 says:

    [..YouTube..] Couple of Gay boys with plenty of emotional problems. Backpackers trying to be posh. What exactly is a lot of money you idiots.

  51. avatar xyzabc2005 says:

    [..YouTube..] I travelled in India by train many times during the last 30 years. I also regularly travel in the UK and Europe by rail. I must say that Indian Railays are very very good value for money and the countryside scenes are often breathtaking; especially just after the monsoons. These guys went to India with their mindset still fixed in the West. For the money they spent, I think they got more than what they deserve! If you need more get on the Orient Express and get off at Istanbul!

  52. avatar naickmar says:

    [..YouTube..] Take it easy guys. We Indians are unfortunately very emotional. Anyway, train getting back to starting point is a huge exception. Unfortunately, you ended up facing such a situation. (I was in Uni Freiburg for 3 years. Ich Liebe Schwarzwald)

  53. avatar errolmiranda says:

    [..YouTube..] Hey Nomad- Perhaps you werent being racist. perhaps you were just stating what you saw.. But the point is if you compare the german rail with the rail of a developing country, then i think you are rather getting delusional .

    Besides, with the humungous population of India, you cant expect a bed of roses everywhere now can you ?

    Plus your countries are always trying to stunt developing countries growth. Now you know more dont you ?

    No offense meant either. Just stating facts like you do!

  54. avatar errolmiranda says:

    [..YouTube..] You need to understand that THIS VIDEO gets angry reactions because caucasians and MOST of them purportedly try to show our country in BAD LIGHT.. Lets not pretend now!

    And if you aint like em, then your an EXCEPTION to the rule! And even if you are genuine, its people like you who have driven us to believe that al you do is try to insult us time and again!

    I live in England, I know exactly What im talking about! Lived here most of my life! I know the mentality!

  55. avatar sarmuhabat says:

    [..YouTube..] good video. nothing wrong in showing the truth. you also mentioned the good things about india. most of station needs a good cleaning. i lived in india for 20 years. there is nothing offensive in this video.

  56. avatar kunjidee says:

    [..YouTube..] THats India for you, I remember when I went I couldn’t even figure out how to a buy a ticket, and then I didn’t know how to find the train…or the proper berth – then i learned that bribing the dudes in red coats (or tipping) is VERY HELPFUL to getting stuff done. You have to travel with a grain of salt in india, a lot of patience, and a sense of humor althoug at the time you’ll be furious, later it becomes a good story to tell all your friends and u can brag u survived it…lol

  57. avatar ioanpena says:

    [..YouTube..] In Europe the food you eate costs more than 130$ that you paid for the tripp . I guess the tripp was free anyway from the begining.i was told that you can live pretty good witn 500$ per mounth in India and with 2000$ you are a king , so for this reason i want to move to India. yummy the food looks delicios…In europe with 2000$ you pay the rent and utilities and drink one coffe and if you are really lucky you can eat shitty fast food.

  58. avatar benstar123 says:

    [..YouTube..] wtf,why are you in india if you’re just going to slag it off you fuckin bellends

  59. avatar writerlj says:

    [..YouTube..] Privacy? That’s a little ironic given how it’s posted on Utube.

  60. avatar himadriR says:

    [..YouTube..] You have stated the things right. no problems

  61. avatar rushisvrce says:

    [..YouTube..] Some people feel good by talking bad about others and many travellers to India come with a wrong mind-set because their friends who visited before were of the same category.
    There would around 100 things not good about India, but around 100000 good. But you want to show the bad things and to be on a safer side some good even.

    Indians are not very good at marketing them-selves, hence many people dont know its richness and hence have enough time to talk crap.
    Not your fault! You will grow up.

  62. avatar zipitar says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100 mother fucker why u are saying bad on comments , have they fucked ur mother at ahmedabad, haa

    first class is asshole and remain a govt. run train u asshole they are showing true picture of poor indiA, IN TRAINS TOO POVERTY IS THER

  63. avatar ashdivay says:

    [..YouTube..] Fag turds. This vid proves that your mindset is still stuck in WEST. dont come back to India unless you have a open mind.

  64. avatar jaysjuice says:

    [..YouTube..] I must agree with the contemporary nomad. I have family in India and I am an Anglo Indian. This is not first class at all and hence shouldn’t be termed as such. To compete in a global market, the Indian Railways must up the ante a bit.
    By saying that, some of my most memorable travelling experiences were on the Indian railways. Can’t say much about hygeine in India but the British installations now maintained by the Indians take you from A to B. To an average Indian, that is what matters most.

  65. avatar Sam23s says:

    [..YouTube..] lol..but it was great to have privacy for gay couples! 😀

  66. avatar ajufsd says:

    [..YouTube..] Forgive Indian railway, as it is doing a very great service which every Indian could understand. YOU GO TO HELL.

  67. avatar shrivastaw says:

    [..YouTube..] there is nothing wrong with stating facts as long as there is not a hint of sarcasm of prejudice…just like not every German has descended from a Nazi!


    good work fellas keep it up

  68. avatar Rickyrab says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad

    you want better QUALITY than Amtrak, try Europe or Japan… or “private varnish”. Heh.

  69. avatar Rickyrab says:

    [..YouTube..] What exactly IS first class? Is it the Orient Express (including the now-vanished American Orient Express version)? Pullman? Amtrak sleepers? Green Class? Soft sleepers? Private varnish?

  70. avatar jumikaka says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100

    Cheap Indian … lol always even if you fall you think you win … ha ha ha ha ha !!

  71. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @zipitar oh fuck off u mother fucker son of a bitch dare not to drag parents in between…& mind that India is not poor ok….. its only time in between and we will be one of biggest powert in world u asshole…..

  72. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @jumikaka listen u creature of asshole….we are born fighters….we never give up…..

  73. avatar zipitar says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100
    fuck ur mother i am also indian
    asshole commenter

  74. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @zipitar listen man r u mad or what??? I warned u not to drag parents in between this….simply fuck off!!!! I commented on the video & the one who uploaded it didnt feel the heat so why r u feeling it….did he fuck ur mother & u were born as a result???

  75. avatar jumikaka says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100

    ha ha ha ha … watch Russell Peters jokes you will know how you are born fighter !! gand mein dum nahin hum kisi se kum nahin !!! ha ha ah ah aha ha

  76. avatar jumikaka says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100

    get up and clean the stations u mother f ….

  77. avatar zipitar says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100 mother fucker u r born as a result of sex in train like rajdhani i knw that’s y u r so near and dear to train coz i fuk ur mother as a result u wer born

  78. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @zipitar haven’t u got brains or what??? or u cant understand simple english…I told u NOT TO DRAG PARENTS…… go & ask ur mother who had fucked her to bring out an idiot like u…because if ur father had fucked ur mom u would have got atleast a little amount of brain…why r u feeling the heat???? just FUCK OFF!!! u BASTARD…..

  79. [..YouTube..] Honestly, everyone seems so worried about how we portrayed India in this video and yet the comments here make India look MUCH worse than anything we said in the video. Do you guys realize that this video is now being referenced in discussions on Indian nationalism? We did critique some things, but we complemented other things. Apparently, nobody heard that. Instead, this comment section reads like a cumulative Indian mental breakdown.

  80. avatar wouldU6 says:

    [..YouTube..] fagots… ur assholes are dirtier then the platforms…. angry reaction is cause you guys are fags who love playing with mud monkeys!

  81. avatar fatamiee says:

    [..YouTube..] I have been to India twice. The first time as a tourist and the second time ( my protestations notwithstanding ) on a business trip.
    The entire country is a toilet bowl!
    This country is a rising power???
    My God, they have two thirds of their citizens openly deficating. You don’t believe me, check the World Health Organization.  635 million people without access to toilets.
    This country has essentially no infrastructure, a 40% illiteracy rate and a bizzarre caste system.

  82. avatar ikonashish says:

    [..YouTube..] @fatamiee I am sure you are from fcking pakistan

  83. avatar ikonashish says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad in which century are you living, fucking ass hole

  84. avatar alphaorgman says:

    [..YouTube..] do you eat each others shit?

  85. avatar vissu295 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemorarynomad, please dont respond to each and every stupid comment. Unfortunately, there are many idiots in India who cant take any kind of criticism

  86. [..YouTube..] nice video man ..seems like u r an avid travellar……….

  87. avatar wouldU6 says:

    [..YouTube..] fag…

  88. avatar philipmah says:

    [..YouTube..] I’ve been to India three times as a tourist and I love the country and people. 1st Class on Indian Railways is 1000 times better than you get on British rail.

  89. avatar rahul1248 says:

    [..YouTube..] I am an Indian. I thank the video maker showing the video on youtube. There are always good and bad side. We must realize the bad side and should improve on it.
    The video maker choose a regular train (Rajdhani is not a royal train). Everybody likes cheap or free.
    There are popular royal tour trains like palace on wheels & other few. Check other royal train videos.

  90. avatar MrRaj2953 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey hi i am also travelling in the same train in same class from Ahemdabad to Aburoad i just wanted to ask that was dinner served before aburoad station or after aburoad ?…

  91. avatar sanghiraghav says:

    [..YouTube..] @fatamiee yes, because India does nt have any history of invading another country just for the sake of land/oil/treasures. all the wealth was stolen and taken back to respective European countries. After Mughals were thrown out of power, the British really did not just sit there, they looted us.Have you even ever thought while wasting a whole plate full of food at the dining halls, restaurants????

  92. avatar sanghiraghav says:

    [..YouTube..] well, I wont deny that the stations in India smell like toilets…but you would obviously see the anger as the only thing that is always portrayed is the lack of scuh facilities, and not the good developed places in India.

  93. avatar askaichin says:

    [..YouTube..] I agree i feels very bad when the only thing people from abroad keep talking bout are the ugly things in India, but the reality is that all of that are in such excess in this country that, the ugliness & povrty outnumber the little pockets of development .
    So the part about piss stench. Sad but true. And honestly i cant bear the stench and the maddening chaos of railway stations having lived all my life here. I dont blame the foreigners at all if they are overwelmed by chaos and filth here.

  94. avatar anurek123 says:

    [..YouTube..] i agree. but it takes time, money and a lot of resources to get things done for 1 billion people!!!. i also agreee its total chaos out there but you will find it surprising how the whole system in the end works. an organised chaos of 1 billion people now thats something powerfull!! just wait till we get to our full potential.

  95. avatar dsbm223 says:

    [..YouTube..] Yes. Indian stations usually smell that way. No offense to anyone. I am an Indian myself. Everyone is pretty much aware that stations or tracks are not clean on most of the Indian stations.
    About traveling in Rajdhani, I am going to experience it soon. Till then I can’t comment on it. But these guys have right to share their experience. If any Indian had posted the same video, the feedback would have been different.

    But overall, I love Indian Railways. <3

  96. avatar dinsatri says:

    [..YouTube..] i couldn’t resist myself frm writing as Iam a proud Indian. yes i do agree with the mess part…..well India is mix of all people, and we all share our country with pride.
    Why do u think we r so worried abt hw u potrayed India???? BULL SHIT!!!!!! Idiot like u could never see the true country and its spirits and that is pathetic…. why do u bother travelling??? u may be better of sitting in ur CLEAN HOME!!!!! pls don’t get out….trust me it will be better for the world……

  97. avatar sixorsticks6 says:

    [..YouTube..] you gay gay cunt …….. dont like india dont go to india 🙂 you sound really really gay BLEUGH

  98. avatar fatamiee says:

    [..YouTube..] @sanghiraghav Wasting food? Tell me, how does one “waste” food?

    It is my food. I purchased it with my money. I am free to do with it as I please. One thing is for sure- when I am finished with my food it is either placed in a rubbish bin or it is flushed down a proper toilet.

  99. avatar 838killer says:

    [..YouTube..] rajdhani 1st class = AEROPLANE FARE !!

  100. [..YouTube..] I’ve spent a month in India in 3 conseq. years…While I love the People of India, and her Foods, India IS a culture shock for many from the West.

    The mere fact you simply made ‘a Round Trip to no where’ and needed to compete with the populace to get tickets Again…I think you show marked composure!

    Will you go once more?

  101. [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad :@contemporarynomad: I traveled a lot in Indian Railways. True, the station are damn dirty and trains are also not very different from them. I used to try my best to spend as little time on stations and toilets as possible. But traveling itself a different kind of experience. At the end of the day it was extremely cheap and expecting high life luxury travel out of it is little unfair. I sometime “only sometimes :)” miss the lively and colorful travel on Indian Railways.

  102. avatar rajesg says:

    [..YouTube..] Indian Railway is meant for travel for d common masses at d lowest cost..Dont compare our railway system with ur luxury trains in USA/Europe…we shud congratulate Indian Railways for mnaging this much a gigantic railway network in a very cost-effective way…..The No. of passengers carried by Indian Railways in a single Day is more than the total population many of ur colonialist western countires…….. MIND IT>>>>>

  103. avatar rajesg says:

    [..YouTube..] hhhhhh

  104. avatar rajesg says:

    [..YouTube..] Inidian Railway is meant for travel for common masses at d lowest cost..donot compare it with ur luxury trains in west/usa…the No. of passengers Indian railways carry in a single day is more than many of the colonialist countries in ur Europe…..U shud congratulate Indian railways for running cost-effectively this much a gigantic railway network…….

  105. avatar xinic12 says:

    [..YouTube..] @Stingerbillion excuse me..no 1 is opposed to holding hands as long as u don’t show ur intimacy publicly…what v in india mean by our reaction is save it for the bed room..

  106. [..YouTube..] @xinic12 True, i agree.

  107. avatar msync731 says:

    [..YouTube..] i was contemplating travelling in rajdhani first class and wanted to know about the travel experience….your video helped…thanks…ironically its a foreigner’s video that helps an indian 😛

  108. avatar logingoogly says:

    [..YouTube..] TATA STEEL bought CORUS & changed the name to TATA STEEL-EUROPE….JAGUAR-LANDROVER also acquired. Just wait have faith in INDIA…We will dominate the western world soon…Actually the huge population which was considered a burden is now slowly being converted to opportunity…We r towards INCLUSIVE GROWTH……..PLZ give us 10 yrs….by 2020 we may buy ORIENT Exp. and change the name to RAJDHANI…..

  109. avatar mjsuketu says:

    [..YouTube..] @logingoogly well said bro.. the ORIENT exp they have is build by money they stole from india & other countries.. these two gays dont have the right to make such videos about Indian rail.. its built & planned to serve over a billion people and its doing well.. these european assholes dont have brains to do this

  110. avatar mjsuketu says:

    [..YouTube..] In north america millions are homeless, half of the population has been to jail & half the womens will sleep with anybody for money, I see people arguying like hell for $2 and you say India is messed up.. India & China are the only 2 countries doing well in this fallen economy (even after being the two most populated countries in the world) & you cant do a shit about it

  111. avatar mjsuketu says:

    [..YouTube..] @msync731 then u should keep ur ass out of india

  112. avatar mjsuketu says:

    [..YouTube..] @Subhayan100 naming urself as subhayan on utube does not make u an indian.

  113. avatar binchaan says:

    [..YouTube..] what u trying to express… “Check out the pictuce.” that statement itself states ur state of mind.. maaaan…. Just have fun bashing out another country.. ur British..

  114. avatar binchaan says:

    [..YouTube..] Hey… look at what this guy doing it at (2:10) of this video .. and just do the same during a British Airways flight.. ..& have fun..

  115. [..YouTube..] lol, its melbourne

  116. avatar ng111gala says:

    [..YouTube..] @logingoogly lolllzzzz

  117. avatar minghan05 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad You sort of expect all types of people on youtube and so all types of comments.The jingoist, the nationalist, the maniac, the airhead, but seldom do you get the people who will talk rationally.When I post videos it’s normally meant to share with people I know. Not some strangers whom I don’t know posting nutty comments. Well that’s what you get, warts and all for listing your vid. Not everyone can handle criticism rationally n stoically. N in every c’try there will b such ppl.

  118. avatar myRincon says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad did you get your refund? I am planning a trip to New Delhi come winter, any tips on train travel? Thanks! Hope you keep posting

  119. [..YouTube..] @myRincon Yes, we did get a full refund, however, initially, we were shortchanged. Train travel is the best way to get around in India. If you already know when you are going, book your tickets in advance as things fill up quickly. A good website is makemytrip, which we used many times while we were in India.

  120. avatar pratim12 says:

    [..YouTube..] Im as indian as it gets, but i must say eventhough I was dissapointed with the guys said in the video it does make alot sense. it is really sad to see the world’s second largest railway network doing this to tourists. I wish at rajdhani provided better service. VERY SAD

  121. avatar pravinak says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi contemporarynomad
    I agree to most of the observations you made. I am an Indian and can say that most of our railway stations stink. We did not redesign our coaches and waste management system since British left us. Some people on this forus are trying to bring nationalism since they want to avoid seing reality. Infact we have gone away from Gandhiji’s message that cleanliness is Godliness!

  122. avatar aftabkhan812 says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi buddy … Firstly i apologize on behalf of all the sick mental Indian bastards who can everything except read / see the whole story and welcome tourists in India.. I saw your well made video and i found absolutely nothing wrong in it.. I totally agree that our stations are anything but clean and i puke everytime i have to use one… The problem with the sadistic ppl who have commented wrongly against u is that they are negatively patriotic n have the ego the size of a parachute.. ignore them

  123. avatar gomsi1196 says:

    [..YouTube..] Well… I partially agree to your video. But at the same time you forgot to show the service of Palace on wheels, Deccan Odyssey…. Those trains are not horrible at all.

  124. avatar gardnerra2 says:

    [..YouTube..] GOLD !! Priceless, thank you. I’ve just booked the same train Bangalore to Delhi online …. can’t wait. Let the adventure begin : )

  125. [..YouTube..] Admit it India stinks more in corruption than human excreta.

  126. [..YouTube..] yeah ……u guys told it right but this is India my brother…………even small things can be taken very badly.It would be advisable that from now on please mind your language.

  127. avatar niharika238 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad I am an Indian, and I understand what you are saying and why. though I feel sorry for any bad experiences that you might have had, I agree that documenting your view here is a rightful thing to do 🙂

    I am sure many people, including Indians will agree with me.

  128. avatar hyperswivel says:

    [..YouTube..] how was the air conditioning? We’re booking 1st class a/c all the way, but if the aircon isn’t up to scratch I doubt I’ll be sleeping much.

  129. [..YouTube..] @hyperswivel The air-conditioning was fine, that was not the problem.

  130. avatar wiigamer136 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad

    Dude, it smelled horrible since there were many people all by one place.

  131. avatar wiigamer136 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad

    I see commercials of the site in America too.

  132. avatar rahulk24 says:

    [..YouTube..] hey dont worry its part of life… atleast you got ur refund… in india sometimes one has to 2wait for long to get refund….Come again and contact me i will be ur guide….

    • avatar Tony says:

      Yes, we got a refund, but the ticket refund guy handed us a huge wad of small bills apologizing that he didn’t have any large denominations. Clearly, he was hoping that at 5:30 am we would be too tired to count the money. To his great surprise, we sat there and counted it in front of his face and discovered that he was trying to short us by more than $40 US. That was really the cherry on top of the Indian transportation Sundae.

  133. avatar TheBodygrow says:

    [..YouTube..] even though india is worse i like india very much i love travelling in india only thing is thet i never been 2 kashmir i love 2 some time later in my life ..jai hind

  134. avatar RICK11211 says:

    [..YouTube..] back in Ahmadabad lol…….

  135. avatar alok7112001 says:

    [..YouTube..] then WTF were you doing here???

  136. avatar praveenk809 says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad yes, i am an Indian. i might have trvled less in trains then u did. in India u never knw when people start protesting, first things are the trains which get affected this is becoz of the corrupted citizens/politics.. these things will never change in India. cleanliness in indian thinking, keeping public places clean, poverty, the facts vich others show they dont get it until the Indians who are making angry reactions to your vid will accept the fact and keep behaving clean

  137. [..YouTube..] It smell like sewage on stations ‘coz of the “hole in the floor” toilets. WHEN WILL YOU START PUTTING SEPTIC TANKS IN COACHES RAILWAY GUYS?

  138. avatar addi138 says:

    [..YouTube..] @logingoogly xactly given less than 70 years of independence,our India has prospered and developed extremely fast.in the coming few decades,the scenario would be totally different and the world would move Eastwards…

  139. avatar addi138 says:

    [..YouTube..] @ikonashish pakka atankwadi hoga ye chutiya.

  140. avatar addi138 says:

    [..YouTube..] @errolmiranda superliked your comment.l

  141. avatar adarshk7 says:

    [..YouTube..] The Indian Railways is more of a Social Service than a Technologically advanced organization or a Luxury Travels Service. What is needed was optimization between cost(including subsidies), time(including delays in average) and the amount of passengers(including the illegal), which is being achieved despite good amount of troubles, is a decent thing. Again the railways is not using obsolete technology, top speed of 100kmph on most superfast @ 20-24 coaches full is decent.

  142. avatar 777Pulkit says:

    [..YouTube..] I request you to please look once at Fairy queen and Deccan Oddyssey and Maharaja Express the trains meant mainly for tourism of our dear foreign guests. then you will actually realize the real beauty and hospitality of India. Please do check…

  143. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @mjsuketu GO and Fuck Yourself.. if you think I’m not an Indian let that be so…… I give a damn what you think about me.. YOU ASSHOLE…..

  144. avatar Subhayan100 says:

    [..YouTube..] @mjsuketu GO and Fuck yourself…

  145. avatar anilbobbili says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad what can one expect from an uncultured american like you…except ignorance and arrogance!! u idiots visit coutries and abuse the hospitality…ohhh..in ur culture there is nothing like hospitality and humbleness!! u chjeap barbaric and uncivilised american scums!!

  146. avatar buster464 says:

    [..YouTube..] loved the ending!! u still have not seen the worst and I agree with the fact that Indian Railway lags in a lot of areas but things are improving at a fast pace.

    It dsnt make sense to compare India with Europe… otherwise why would Europeans had come to India with their guns and boats in earlier centuries

    Lastly, being an Indian, whenever I see these videos, I don’t feel ashamed of poverty in India but I am Ashamed of corrupt leadership that we have in spite of having some of the best talent

  147. avatar Thomas says:

    I think the comments speak for themselves, and they are representative of what you could expect if you criticized Indians and their system. India is fascinating, no doubt, but traveling in India (or working) comes with a lot of baggage. As for your safety, there seems to be a lot of groping in India. Every woman we have met (whether traveling alone, in couples or in groups) has been felt up at one point or another. And each of these women has dealt with it in her own way. Some quickly left India, others just slapped the guy around and moved on. One thing is for sure, you’ll need a thick skin.

  148. avatar Bellocks1 says:

    [..YouTube..] That curry looks awesome. India is the sort of country that you have just have to let happen to you, just accept it’s not like the West. Shit happens. And I’m not Indian, by the way, I’m white. Everybody chill 🙂

  149. avatar kunjidee says:

    [..YouTube..] Dude…life is an adventure, and India is full of adventure…gotta keep an open mind and heart when travelling there…but all in all…looks like a GOOD DAMN TIME!!!! LOL

  150. [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad wht was ur plan was totally correct the indian trains and if u want to book a ticket.u must do it within 3 weekd before depeture

  151. avatar AndyLondres says:

    [..YouTube..] Your comparisons to western values, standards and culture are born out of ignorance and materialism. I met many travellers like your type on my way and i can say you are the worst ‘tourists’. Do not go forth with your judgemental eyes and laughingly take the piss ‘hello’ ……you have the money to travel but your ignorance means you travelled no further than the recess of your tiny mind. laters……..not.

  152. avatar rohanclassic says:

    [..YouTube..] Indian log, jaha jayenge waha pe gandagi kar denge… bloody assholes

  153. avatar shox007 says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s worth paying double and travelling by plane just so you can avoid the sights, smells and sounds of train travel in India.

  154. avatar francksol says:

    [..YouTube..] beautiful country….

  155. [..YouTube..] @elsiebea There you go again with your stupid fucking ignorance again!!!!

  156. avatar elsiebea says:

    [..YouTube..] @TheJumpcutters, you must have mistaken me for someone else. l haven’t posted before, so it’s impossible that I “go again”. Do not call me ignorant, as I ignore nothing. Do not call me stupid. I am intelligent. What you can call me is ‘uninformed’, and by asking questions I hope to fix that. If you can’t help me by answering the question, then simply don’t post. You seem to be one who is having some sort of temper tantrum. Go calm down.

  157. avatar siva301in says:

    [..YouTube..] Very nicely video taken but you haven’t shown the full cabin/ bay… In Rajdhani i thought 1 full cabin is for one person but it is same as in the other train (2 or 4 persons). Overall good information for all the tourists. Check my videos taken in AC 1st class in AP Express (Hyderabad to Delhi).

    Thank you!!!

  158. avatar rajkcv says:

    [..YouTube..] @contemporarynomad
    Your comments in the video REEK of racisim. If you smelt ‘raw sewage’, then im sure you did, im not going to question your sensing abilities, but you didn’t just say that it smelt like sewer, you had to add that extra bit of sarcasm, as in – “see, i told ya, it’s india and you WILL smell sewer everywhere!”, as if that is what India is only and all about. In all the 3.3 million sq.km of area that is India, all you WISH( no, hope ) to find is the darker side. How pathetic!

  159. avatar kirenjohn says:

    [..YouTube..] @rajesg Don’t forget that the railways were built due to colonialism of the British, they built it around all of India, so get your facts straight. Also learn some proper english and be a little mature by not using short forms on YouTube comments, oh please….

  160. avatar kirenjohn says:

    [..YouTube..] I hate Indian rail travel, its definitely reserved for the middle classes, I’d prefer driving my BMW 7 Series through the winding roads of India and enjoy the country side.

  161. avatar seba81376 says:

    [..YouTube..] dude i wnder why u hate IR…. its the best in the whole wrld…. its the backbone of our countrys eceonomy….. NO RAILWAY… den INDIA is a BIG 0….. if u hve balls den try travelling on MAHARAJA , Deccan odyssey.. PALACE on WHEELS..den well see

  162. avatar arterioes says:

    [..YouTube..] LOL loved your expression at the end. Sorry about your experience though. Hope the rest of your trip made up for this.

  163. [..YouTube..] @elsiebea Ok i must apologize for my outburst! Its just that everyone in the west seems to have this image of india that nothing Indian is ok or safe or gud! Its all monkey-brains-eating, snake-charmers, wife-beaters and so on! And now thanx to fuckin Slumdog Millionaire to the world now india is nothing but a big slum!

    I got nothing against you and i apologise but it gets on my nerves smtimes! 🙂

    India is as safe as anywhere else! You just need to be careful as you wudanywhere else!

  164. avatar luerexbob says:

    [..YouTube..] @rajesg I agree with you in saying that the primary reason for the train in India is to move as many people across in the shortest amount of time, however you are underestimating the number of people that are carried every day by the trains in England.

  165. [..YouTube..] Sorry for your experience and thanks for visiting, at least you experienced what happens in everyday life of Indians, the dinner looked delicious and the bed seemed comfortable.

  166. avatar gkbiiii says:

    As an American whom has traveled extensively throughout including Central and South America, let me give some thoughts. India has been independent for around 70 years and thus have only themselves to blame (not the British, USA, Europe, Pakistan, China, Asia, etc.) for where they are today. The basic rail systems in many third world asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and China are Much better than India. Perhaps you all should be comparing India to the rest of Asia; where its standards put it near the bottom of ALL Asian countries. I know you all love to whine about colonialism (however, the british influence helped make America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Bahamas/Cayman Islands/Bermuda, Hong Kong; what they are today) many anglo countries are very well off due to there time with Great Britton.

    It seems to me the best and most fair comparison is with that of China. Yet this is one comparison many of you all don’t want me to make. The communist one party dictatorship is leaving your nation in the dust. Their railways, airlines, highway system, and other infrastructure is becoming First Class/World Class at a rapid rate. In just over 20 years China has made rapid improvements that rival such Mini-Dragons, as the Republic of China Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Japan. This leaves your nation, India dead last. I was in Panama recently and some young travelers were showing me their pictures of India and Laos. It was truly amazing how clean, a very impoverished Laos was compared to a “possible” future regional power, India. It was like night and day, which begs the question why Indians choose to live this way. It is not the Asian way: when one considers that much of Asia had colonization issues, some with Japan in WWII much worse than India; yet they are moving ahead and not being stuck on the future.

    As an American, I am happy we have a short history, thus we are a today, type of people; whom have little interest in the distant past. Poor India, all these big bad empires stoll everything (just like in much of Asia) (while building much of your infrastructure and grand monuments) yet your left with what is left. The more I read this crap, the more I believe you are the disgrace of Asia. We Americans did nothing to your country, your relations with Pakistan and other countries, it YOUR own doing. America is practically the only true alley that either India/Pakistan have. Personally I think both countries are more effort then they are worth! If America and the west is so bad, then why do so many Indian nationals/expats move here???

    The two young gay German men, seem very nice and have put up with a lot out of this. We Americans are not afraid of speaking our minds and thus I will not have you people trash my nation any longer. I would strongly recommend improving the English skills of the population as it is the international language of commerce world wide; as well as being the language of the First World. Had the nation not taken the socialist model, perhaps things would be different today: but then again who knows, with the Cast System and other areas that are still not resolved, 70 plus years after independence. To really understand the world I recommend the reading The Economist and the Niall Ferguson books Empire & Colossus.

    I really like these young men and think you all should give them a break. There views are consistent on what most visitors to your country seem to think, including my fathers family and their 1968 trip to India. Even then landing in Tehran from India was a relief: calm, peaceful, clean Persian hospitality of the Shah’s Iran. That was 1968, what really in India has changed?

  167. avatar joycesurgeon says:

    [..YouTube..] to whomsoever it may concern,
    This is how Indian railways is and we Indians love it, the way it is. In our opinion its the best in the earth. If you are from another nation and think otherwise, please remember, we never ask for your opinion about our railways and we are least bothered about whatever you think about them…..

  168. avatar gkbiiii says:

    However, still one must wonder why the standards are what they are compaired with other Asian third world nations that are near India, with large populations and yet have high standards. China really is a good example, a nation with a larger population than India, a long colonial history; yet it is moving rapidly forward toward being a superpower, while leaving India in the dust. The Chinese can claim to have World Class infustructure, incuding some of the worlds best airports, highways, railroads, new power plants, gleaming new cities, etc., etc., etc.

    My main point on my long message before, was that Indians need to take responcibility for their own destony and not blame others for their current position. If the Indian nation and its people had the will, Indian Railways could be amoung the worlds best, like the Chinese, Thai, Japanese, South Korans, etc.

  169. […] but people like the view of the rare Indian lions. We also have a notorious YouTube video called The Rajdhani Express which is a tongue-in-cheek review of the famous Indian train. Indians HATE the video and have […]

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