Yangshuo Now

Biking the Yulong River

I had seen many photos of Yangshuo but, of course, photos cannot capture the essence of a place – not even ours. You have to be there to see the vivid colors, feel the temperature, and smell the air (although you may want to pass on that one). Despite Tony going on how much this place has changed, I like Yangshuo the way it is – lively, convenient and inexpensive. Above all, it has great food and the markets offer anything from snails stuffed with pork to dog to frog with loofah gourd?!?

More exciting than the city itself is the countryside around it. What seems to have been Yangshuo 20 years ago has now been moved a few kilometers beyond the perimeters of the city. Within a 30-minute bike ride, you are in the middle of a stunning landscape of rice fields and limestone hills covered in dense foliage. In the end, there is still some China left in China.

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