Tigers 3, 4 and 5

Third tiger’s a charm! We finally got our good tiger view and over a hundred pics to prove it. We shot this female (with a camera of course) from elephant back. But as if that weren’t enough, we spotted this female again as well as two additional male tigers on our second drive into the park. Outrageous! Three wild tigers in one drive.

But spotting three tigers is not just luck. We’ve come to Bandhavgarh during the hottest part of the year. With much of the foliage gone and water in short supply, tigers are easier to locate.

For those who are counting, including the older male we spotted here in Bandhavgarh last year and the tiger we saw in Corbett National Park, we have seen a total of five wild tigers here in India. Cool!

One response to “Tigers 3, 4 and 5”

  1. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    I think the tiger pictures are my favorites! I am crazy about this animal! Much love to you guys! xoxo

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