Three Years on the Road

Can you believe it? We’ve been on the road for an amazing three years straight. At times, it feels like we left yesterday. At other times, our old life in Berlin seems like it was decades ago. Three years, and we are still in Asia. I guess we had better consider some other continents. But, there’s still so much more to see here. 😮

4 responses to “Three Years on the Road”

  1. avatar hint says:

    Krass! So lange schon! (Özgür meint, ihm käme es länger vor…)
    Passt auf Euch auf, habt weiterhin so viele schöne, spannende Abenteuer und schaut doch mal wieder in Berlin vorbei 😉

    Viele liebe Grüsse, Leonie und Özgür

  2. I love this annual photo retrospective.

    Two things make our separation bearable: first, you two are enjoying adventures that most people only dream of, and second, I can see your handsome faces and travel vicariously on your outstanding blog.

    Stay well. You are loved.

  3. avatar Tony says:

    I love traveling, but the one major disadvantage for me is being so far away from friends. I miss everyone!

  4. avatar Thomas says:

    Me, too!

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