Splish Splash

Sabang Girls

If you think evil sea creatures only live offshore, think again. Sometimes, the real danger lingers where the surf meets the turf.

While snorkeling back to the beach, I noticed three pairs of little feet stirring up sand all around me. When I popped my head out of the water and removed my mask, I looked into a young girl’s face – smiles and all. Boy, was I fooled. The second I opened my mouth to say hello, she splashed the salty water right into my eyes without proper introduction. Well, nice to meet you, too.

Sabang Water Fight

Tony had a little time to snap some photos before he was attacked by the other two kids. And so, the big water battle began. Needless to say, it was an unfair fight. Three against two – we didn’t stand a chance. Although, much to the kids amusement, we did manage to throw them around a little at the end.

Playing with Sabang Children

3 responses to “Splish Splash”

  1. Aren’t they terrible? 🙂

  2. avatar Maria says:

    aw!! I wish i could wind back time when these beaches were my playground. Glad you had fun with those evil children, lol

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