Our BBC Interview on The Travel Show

Interview on BBC's The Travel Show

We just did a BBC interview for their Valentine’s Day episode of The Travel Show. The episode is about how couples travel together and was aired on Feb. 13th on BBC2 in the UK. It will also be shown several times on BBC World News throughout this week (Here’s a link to the schedule.). Also check out this short clip of our appearance on their program. We’re not sure if this was the full segment or just a preview. Let us know if you saw the whole show.

4 responses to “Our BBC Interview on The Travel Show”

  1. avatar Ronny says:

    Cool clip, you guys. Where was that shot of the insect crawling on Tony’s face? Was that in Peru?

  2. avatar Jass says:

    Great vid guys. Keep up the adventures and keep sharing them with those of us stuck in a desk job.

  3. avatar Max says:

    You guys are hilarious.

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