One Night in Bangkok…

… makes a hungry man humble! As Tony mentioned before, food is one of Thailand’s biggest attractions and, I have to admit, my number one motivation for traveling. After having exhausted all my food options in India, I was ready for a new culinary onslaught that would leave my taste buds tingling. And Thailand is just the place for it.

Bangkok Sushi Bar

Food is everywhere and most of what we do revolves around it. Our visit to the Grand Palace wouldn’t have been the same without the spicy Vietnamese pho afterwards. Then there was the Bangkok walking tour which mutated into an exercise in excessive food tasting from numerous street-side stalls. But the ultimate trip was the MBK mall shopping spree which culminated in an all-you-can-eat-sushi feast.

What a blast – high speed sushi off of a conveyor belt! You can see I was busy stuffing my face when Tony took this picture. There was no time for niceties with a stringent 75-minute time limit. A smile at the camera would’ve cost me a couple of California rolls, and I just wasn’t willing to let those go.

Conveyor Belt at Sushi Bar

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  1. avatar laurelle says:

    I love it! Hmmm, an hour & fifteen minutes to stuff your face; what, is there a bouncer who’ll kick you out if you go over time?

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