Nomads with a Social Life

Now that Lisa and Garrett are safely back in the U.S., we thought we would share one last picture of the four of us hanging out at the giant reclining Buddha at the Wat Lokaya Sutha in Ayutthaya.

While nomadic living can be somewhat isolating, we haven’t done too badly over the last twelve months. 2010 saw visits from German friends Michaela and Stephan, British friend Mark, American friends Lisa, Garrett, Beverly and Brian as well as my mother Freda. In addition, we spent Christmas with our American friends Ali and Courtney and a motley crew of Bangkok expats. In addition, we made dozens of new friends along the way.

Over the last 52 weeks, we spent a whopping 15 weeks traveling with friends and family. Wow, that’s quite a social life for two homeless nomads. 🙂

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