Happy New Year’s!

We can’t believe another year has passed. And, yes, we are still in Asia. To celebrate 2010, we’ve put together a video retrospective covering our travels to Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Stay tuned for more TnT adventures to come in 2011!

3 responses to “Happy New Year’s!”

  1. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    I love it! Happy New Year to you both. It was so excellent that you were able to spend some time with your mom, Bev, and Lisa! How exciting! Hopefully we will be able to meet up with you this year.
    The video is super. I LOVE the Mekong dolphins. Miss you both!
    As Always xox,
    Carrie Ann

  2. avatar greeneyes says:


  3. hi, incredible that you are still on the road. it seems like ages since we met in tibet. i have travelled a fair bit in africa for work, in france for fun and just came back from 5 weeks in berkeley. but would love to be back in asia. all the best to you. and looking forward to see the video

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