Matthieu and Aurelien

It has been quite a while since we introduced any nomads on our blog. One reason for that is that long-term travelers are fewer and further between these days. Another reason might be that pricier southern Thailand is not as good hunting ground for nomads as India, Cambodia, Laos, or Myanmar.

Enter Matthieu and Aurelien, two French bicyclists we met, who were camping at Ao Molae on Koh Tarutao. These two prove that real travel is not dead – not quite yet, anyway. They are spending a year bicycling their way around the world (in chunks, at least). They have already cycled from France to Italy, Tanzania to Zambia, across India to Nepal, and from Kunming in southern China to southern Thailand. From here, they plan to continue south to Singapore. Their trip will then continue in South America, where they plan to cycle from Peru to Argentina. That’s one awesome world trip.

Quite wisely, Matthieu and Aurelien are not obsessed with biking every mile of their path. On select occasions, they have opted to throw their bikes on a bus and skip a boring stretch or two in order to spend more quality time in high-interest destinations.

Watching Matthieu and Aurelien really brought back the good old days of EXTREME budget travel when Thomas and I pinched every penny to survive. They work hard to make their budget last and they were preparing all their own meals in Ao Molae to stretch their dollars. They clearly know the local economy and have mastered the travel skills which have all but vanished in their age-group. (Good going guys, show them how it’s done.)

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