Lumpini Park

Locals and expats flock to Bangkok’s Lumpini Park in the evening when the sun sets behind the high-rises and the temperatures become more bearable. Most don’t go there to relax, however, but to get active. As you stroll through the park, joggers outrun each other, senior citizens practice tai chi and large groups of people hop, skip and jump in unison to the aerobic beat of a sidewalk boom box.

The 20-minute walk from our apartment to the park always ends at the floating island in the middle of the lake. Unlike all the athletic health nuts, Tony and I go there for one reason and one reason only: to watch the monitor lizards.

Yes, Lumpini Park is home to dozens of these Jurassic creatures many of which can be seen lazing in the sun or floating in the murky water. Sometimes, they even fall out of trees. It’s true! We actually witnessed a four-foot lizard dropping from a branch and almost hitting a Thai lady pushing a baby stroller. I can still hear her screams. (Or were they mine?)

You’ve got to love monitor lizards, we certainly do!

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  1. Hi,

    here s my stolen glance:

    I bought meat balls in the street to tease it, waying a meat path for dragons to my camera.I put the camera down attached to a stick with robber, then I stood 20 meters from the scene. Dog started to come as they smelled sthing good, I have to busy them with other meat balls. I saw the dragon covering up my camera. Magiiiiic, it s like a star wars spaceship.

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