Link Between Ancient Egypt and Thailand

Always on the cutting edge of cultural discovery, Thomas and I have happened upon cryptic indications of a mysterious link between ancient Egypt and Thailand. While riding a local bus in Chiang Rai, a small rip in the vinyl seat lining revealed that the brushed metal seat frame was covered with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Innocently adding to the rip a bit and peeking into the hole, I was able to determine that the markings extended down the entire length of the seat back.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Responding to the call of my inner Indiana Jones, I cautiously eased from seat to seat eager to avoid suspcious native eyes. Was I about to uncover one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 21st century? Were the people of Thailand secretly hiding their ancient Egyptian roots?

Seat after seat, tiny rips and holes confirmed my suspicion that this rickety old Thai bus was in fact the ultimate Egypto-Thai relic covered in magnificent hieroglyphic messages from the past. If my theory is correct, this may actually be proof of the existence of Atlantis. It just may be that we, Tony and Thomas, will go down in history as having made the greatest historical discovery of all times!

4 responses to “Link Between Ancient Egypt and Thailand”

  1. This is amazing! A discovery compareable to the Rosetta Stone to be sure!;-)

  2. Scientists have long theorized that vinyl was invented during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Hieroglyphic-decorated, vinyl-covered tents may have been used in Asia by the marauding armies of Alexander the Great. It is understandable that the industrious Thais would continue to make use of this indestructible, ancient fabric.

  3. avatar Narmer says:

    honestly theres no relation between Thai and Egyptian culture while Egyptian Pharaohs civilization the first civilization in the world means its older than thai culture by thousands years almost 5000 years so i dont think thres relation between both.

  4. avatar Tessa says:

    I found this googling links between the writing.

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