Koh Kong Island

Koh Kong Island

Most people don’t think of a beach holiday when they think of Cambodia. Beautiful tropical islands are not the first association with the country. However, there is a nice stretch of coast which has been enticing curious travelers for the past two decades. One highlight of the Cambodian coast is isolated and undeveloped Koh Kong Island.

Thomas and I along with our German friends Michaela and Stephan took a full-day boat tour to the island which included a trip through the local Mangroves out into the open ocean to the wind-swept, jungle-covered island, which is theoretically occupied by the Cambodian army. Upon arrival, odd tidal conditions forced us to abandon the boat and swim to the shore, where we were rewarded with beautiful beaches and a barbecue. (Getting the food to the beach required the boat captain to swim back and forth between the boat and the island transporting the supplies in a not-so-water-proof box.)

TnT on Koh Kong Beach

Having to swim to shore meant I couldn’t take my enormous camera with me. However, swimming on my side with my hand sticking up out of the water, I did manage to get our little point and shoot to the beach, which allowed us to capture some images of our adventure.

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