Hungry Like the…?

OK MTV generation, here’s a quick bit of Sri Lankan pop history. Take a look at the cafe that Thomas is sitting in. Does it look familiar? Have you seen that strange ceiling construction somewhere before? Think wobbly ceiling fans. Still need a clue? Think 80s, think attitude, think hair…

That’s right, it’s the Pagoda Tea Room, location of the Duran Duran video “Hungry like the Wolf.” I’m not the world’s biggest Duran Duran fan, but I have to admit that I actually recognized the place when we walked in. (Although I had the benefit of knowing the cafe’s history before we arrived.)

So why did Duran Duran come all the way to Sri Lanka to find a diner/cafe for their video? Sounds to me like someone was looking for a vacation which they could use as a tax write-off.

The Pagoda Tea Room has definitely seen better days. When we visited, there were few customers and slim pickins when it came to food. Oh well, I guess a visit by Duran Duran can only bring you so much success.

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  1. avatar Y says:

    Hi Tony
    Thanks for the post. I work close by to the Pagoda Tea room and it is nice to have stumbled upon this post. Am a frequesnt visitor there too, and I must say that things have turned for the better in terms to “seen better days”, but definitely there is much room for improvement.

    If I was the owner of the place I would turn it over to a Duran Duran National Historical site! 🙂


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