Hanging with Helga

Sweet Helga Presents us with Some Sweets!

Our stay at Koh Tarutao would not have been the same without Helga, a 72-year old powerhouse of a woman, and a muse to all travelers and wanna-be travelers. Backpacking through Thailand, inline skating (!), bicycling and serious trekking are only a few of the physical activities she enjoys. The amazing thing is that Helga started doing all of this only about ten years ago after retiring from a sales position in a department store in Berlin.

This woman is a true inspiration to Tony and me. We often wonder how physical fitness will limit our nomadic life as we age. Helga proves that if we keep our weight down and stay active, we should be able to continue exploring the world for years to come. Just look at Helga. A couple days before this picture was taken, she bicycled 28 km and walked 8 km through mountainous terrain! There’s hope for all of us – well, with the possible exception of my mom. She just retired and seems completely baffled about what to do with the rest of her life. Maybe she needs to hang with Helga for a while, too.

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