I know what you are all thinking… more mountains? Well, we’re in the Khumbu – mountains are what you get!!! And, not just any mountains, the world’s super giants. We’ve spent another two days walking to Chukhung to climb to the Chukhung Ri viewpoint 5559 meters (18,344 ft).

Lhotse from Chhukhung Ri

Why? Because Chukhung Ri overlooks Lhotse, the world’s fourth highest peak, and Makalu, the world’s fifth highest. Not too shabby. As if that weren’t enough, you have amazing views of a host of other peaks as well as glaciers in every direction. The scenery here really is quite mind-boggling.

Makalu from Chhukhung Ri

Interestingly, ever since our Chola Pass misadventure, we seem to have sped up enormously. It seems that our ordeal activated muscles and energy reserves we never knew we had. We both shot up Chukhung Ri in no time at all leaving us plenty of time to sit and take in the phenomenal views!

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