Beach No. 7

Our first stop on the Andamans is Havelock Island, a popular tourist hot spot in the island chain famous for its diving and pristine jungle beaches. Among the highest rated beaches in South Asia is Radha Nagar Beach, better known as beach No. 7.

For months, we’ve been hearing about how beautiful this beach is, so we wanted to judge it for ourselves. After a one-hour bicycle ride through fields, banana plantations and forest, we eventually popped out at beach no. 7. And we were intrigued. How could this beach only 12 kilometers from the crowded tourist center of Havelock have escaped the development largely unscathed?

With only a couple of lodges and resorts set far back in the jungle and hidden from view, beach no. 7 is stunning. The long curved stretch of coral-white sand is backed by lush rainforest with towering trees drawing your eyes away from the horizon. You’ll find yourself looking as much at the treetops as at the crystal clear water. After several kilometers, the long beach ends in a gorgeous lagoon, the perfect swimming hole to relax in after a long bicycle ride.

I’d definitely call beach no. 7 spectacular, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it the best beach in Southern Asia. I love many kinds of beaches – from steep, rough beaches with gigantic waves to crystal-clear turquois lagoons. Whether it is THE most beautiful beach is irrelevant. Worst case scenario, you end up on an extraordinary beach backed by spectacular forest.

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    Freda and Ken, we wish you were here…We miss you!

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    Looks so dreamy.

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