A Few Friends in Banaue

Tony and I met these three old Ifugao men while walking along the viewpoints outside Banaue. From left to right, Hemmiwat, Tundagyi and Thomas (no relation to me) drag their old bones up the hill every day to play music for tourists and pose for photographs in their headdresses and hand-woven loin cloths.

Tony with Ifugao Men

They were so friendly and genuinely into their music, we couldn’t resist taking some photos and giving a donation to their “band.” And after we realized Thomas had walked all the way up to the look-out despite being blind, we thought more power to them. While others stalk visitors for a hand out, these three spend their days bringing visitors a little music.

2 responses to “A Few Friends in Banaue”

  1. avatar Tony says:

    I love this picture.

  2. avatar Adelle says:

    i dont understand sometimes why foreigners and Pinoy locals look good on pictures. i love this pic by the way.

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