Yishi Dolma and Tenzin Yundum

The picture shows the 9-year-old Yishi Dolma taking care of her baby cousin Tenzin Yundum during our homestay in Lhalung in Spiti Valley. Yishi is expected to care for her cousin all day while her family works in the fields. It’s quite a responsibility for such a young girl, but real life in this part of the world begins early.

2 responses to “Yishi Dolma and Tenzin Yundum”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    I can’t stop looking at this portrait. Thank you for making it a fairly large file. I’ve printed it and it’s now hanging above my computer.
    Can’t wait to hear about Ladakh!

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    I sent this to my niece who is about Yishi’s age and who has a little brother to take care of; though, with far less responsibility. Once again, you really capture a moment in time.

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