White Beach on Boracay

[kml_flashembed movie=”https://www.contemporarynomad.com/wp-content/panoramas/boracay.swf” width=”600″ height=”450″ allowfullscreen=”true” /]

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  1. avatar Tony says:


    From now on, ContemporaryNomad.com will be producing its 360 panoramas in Flash, which has quickly become the new standard for viewing 360 panoramas. We hope to convert our old 360s as well.

    Notice that the new Flash panoramas have small hover-over buttons at the bottom of the panorama to allow you to zoom in and out, autospin and toggle between normal and full-screen mode. After zooming in or out, you can also click autospin to return you to the standard zoom level.

    The switch from Quicktime to Flash is motivated by difficulties viewing Quicktime 360s on newer computers running 64bit versions of Windows as well as recent improvements in Flash.

    This is our first panorama using Flash. If you are having any difficulties viewing the panorama, please let us know.

  2. avatar amyrenee says:


  3. avatar phey says:

    wow! it’s great!

  4. avatar flip says:

    the pictures are AMAZING!!! thanks for sharing.

  5. avatar Dave Garton says:

    Brilliant, what equipment do you need to produce this 360. I would love to have a go at my land in Northern Cebu. Thanks in advance

    • avatar Tony says:

      The only thing we use is a fisheye lens, but 360s can be made with any lens, although it is much easier with a wide-angle. We also shoot our 360s hand-held rather than with a tripod because we are often in odd locations (such as standing in the water.) We used Ptgui and Pano2vr to assemble the 360s. Because we shoot without a tripod, we often have to make corrections (some small, some significant) to the images using Photoshop. Hope that helps. If you are not really familiar with digital photo software, there are many easier commercial software packages which simplify and automate the process. Here’s a great page to help you out:


  6. avatar Dave Garton says:

    Tony,, thanks very much for the info, I have a 10 – 20mm lens and shall give it a go using the software you mention. Your results are really great, especially now you have said you shoot handheld. Happy travels !! regards Dave

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