Tony Goes Grey

Last night, I was casually discussing the concept of returning to Germany this summer, and the next morning, we discovered that Tony had gone completely grey at the thought. Really? Is Germany that terrifying?

Half April Fool’s! I can’t say the whole grey concept is total fiction, but it didn’t happen overnight. I like to think of my bad Photoshop job as preview of what is yet to come. If I squint my eyes, I think it looks dignified.

4 responses to “Tony Goes Grey”

  1. avatar Auntie Linda says:

    You look wonderful with grey hair…greyer than your dad. Very funny and shocking. Love, Auntie

  2. avatar Greeneyes says:

    How can this be when your mother is only 39?

  3. avatar Tony says:

    @ Laurelle

    That’s so weird because you’ve always reminded me of Shelley Long.

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