The Coldest Night

After driving for hours through a deserted landscape without seeing much more than some yak herds and a few nomads, we noticed a single Tibetan house next to a couple of tents sitting on the wind-swept grasslands ahead of us. That’s where we would spend the night.

Ice Crystals on the Car Window, Tibet

Because it was freezing cold and very windy (not the best of combinations), we decided to stay in the house rather than in the tent which was violently shaking from the gusts. Desperate to warm ourselves, we all collected around the yak-dung stove trying to warm up while the windows were covering over with ice crystals and the sheep outside with frost.

Sitting there shivering, it suddenly dawned on us that this could all be for nothing. Our big goal is Mt. Kailash, but will we be able to go there with all the military around? I guess, we’ll know more by tomorrow.

One response to “The Coldest Night”

  1. avatar Krisounette says:

    Wo ihr jetzt wohl seid? Ich vermisse das Laufen und die Abende mit euch in der Lodge auf der Suche nach Bettwanzen und Läuse!
    Genießt die Tage und erzählt vom Sanctuary Trek!

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