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Tatmadaw, the military controllers of Myanmar, remind Burmese and foreigners alike of who is in control. Locals whisper warnings that we are under constant observation by a silent army of invisible “spies”. It’s hard to believe among such wonderfully hospitable people, but when you see these threatening propaganda signs, it makes you wonder.

3 responses to “Tatmadaw”

  1. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don’t it?
    Interesting looking alphabet.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    It’s quite easy to forget where we are because Burmese are so open and friendly. I found it rather strange that the government, after making such attempts to mask human rights abuses, would go out of its way to translate their threats into English.

    As for the alphabet, I love it! I have been searching the markets for a T-shirt with Burmese on it that will fit me.

  3. avatar Facebook User says:

    My understanding from people that had visited many years ago is that there used to be A LOT of English-langauge propaganda signs around, but some years ago the government realized that they were bad tourism and took most of them down (the dozen or so signs on Mandalay Fort being the only big exception that I saw). Still, propaganda signs are everywhere, just in Burmese. Many times I would ask drivers or other random people what this or that sign says and they’d reply, “Oh, that’s just a government sign”, or “That’s just a message for the people”, or something similarly vague.

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