Tabo Monastery Dances

Tabo Monastery is one of the oldest and best preserved Buddhist gompas we have seen. It was founded over a thousand years ago, and while the exterior is quite basic, the interior walls are covered with extensive, well-preserved Indo-Tibetan murals. The unique paintings clearly deserve their World Heritage status and are worth the long journey to Spiti.

But our trip to this remote region was rewarded with far more than murals. While we were visiting the gompa, we were lucky enough to observe a 2-day festival which included local folk songs and dance routines showing off the traditional dress and jewelry as well as the fascinating masked Chaam dances performed by the Tabo monks.

Witness this colorful spectacle for yourself and get a glimpse of Spitian culture in our video of the festival.

5 responses to “Tabo Monastery Dances”

  1. avatar evelyn says:

    fabulous footage and an equally fabulous festival! you captured enough to give us a taste of the variety of dance moves and awesome costumes. the five minutes seemed to last much longer – i was so totally engrossed in it. bravo, thomas!

  2. avatar lajollajoe says:

    [..YouTube..] Thank you for posting this. I have been there many times since 2003. I know many people in this video.

  3. [..YouTube..] @lajollajoe Wow, that’s fantastic. You must even know the dancers in their masks by now.

  4. avatar kiaganga says:

    [..YouTube..] i visited tabo in 1996 kalachakra on liquid acid with enfield 500 !!

  5. avatar rustypooh812 says:

    [..YouTube..] I was also at this festival… great to see the video, thanks!

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