Reclining Leviathan

Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Buddha

As we explore the wonders of Yangon (Rangoon), we thought we’d share the incredible industrial-scale reclining Buddha at the Chaukhtatgyi Temple. Judging by the this monster construction, which is housed in something that strongly resembles an airplane hanger, bigger is better in Buddhist Burma.

As if the size weren’t enough, the crown is encrusted in diamonds and other precious stones, not that you can really see them clearly without binoculars. To get a real sense for the size, notice the man in green sitting closer to the statue in the picture above.


2 responses to “Reclining Leviathan”

  1. Sort of reinforces my thinking that mediocrity is taking over human cultures.

  2. remind me of wat pho in bangkok. haha..nice pics! 😀

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