Padum to Lamayuru

After the first Zanskar video, here’s the second half of our trek. Follow along as we hike from Padum to Lamayuru along the turquoise Zanskar River, over eight (!) incredibly steep passes and by impressive rock formations. The video features several of the passes we had to cross, more homestays in traditional villages, and a glimpse of monastic life in Lingshed and Lamayuru monasteries. Also, witness the shocking end of complete isolation as the road construction pushes forward and has now reached Sirsir La pass just hours away from Photoksar.

Please see our note about the posting delay.

10 responses to “Padum to Lamayuru”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    Well. You’ve outdone yourselves this time. I hope you can hear how incredibly happy I am for you both to have experienced this trek. I bow down to your studliness; I’m sure my knees wouldn’t have made it over those passes carrying a full pack.

    What a treasure!

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    Wow, I don’t know why but I got kinda choked up watching the video. There was a brief moment of laughter when I heard Tony describing the water temperature as I could imagine myself there on the banks – shoes on, feet warm! :)…And I thought hiking the Inca trail was tough.

  3. avatar EmilyRose says:

    Uncle Tony and Thomas..nice video my favorite part was showing the children sliding down the rocks and you struggling to get through the tiny door. I danced to the music while you walked along the mountains. Do the moonwalk next time. Come visit us soon.

  4. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    Going on to this site is like opening a gift. I am always in for some kind of new treat! I love you guys so much and you have to know that you are my favotites! I always show my students your pictures and blogs in my class PowerPoint presentations. You are on the BIG screen in Switzerland! xoxoxo

  5. avatar EmilyRose says:

    Hi tony,
    cute donkey. What did you name him?

  6. avatar vzzzbx13 says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks so much for making this video. Nice way to relive my trek.

  7. avatar Funthomars says:

    [..YouTube..] wow cool video love it – how many days you walked? and what time of the year?

  8. avatar pravicpu says:

    [..YouTube..] nice places

  9. avatar FrankLeppini says:

    [..YouTube..] so schön ist Ladakh

  10. avatar SDG977 says:

    [..YouTube..] Nice trek.Places are looks like my hometown mustang Nepal.

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