Myanmar – The Golden Land

Shwedagon Paya in Yangon

Bangkok has been a blast, but it’s about time we kicked things up a notch. A short hop on the discount airlines, AirAsia, and we find ourselves in Yangon, Myanmar, also known as Rangoon, Burma.

Some of you news junkies might be gasping in disbelief at our decision to visit such a questionable country. You might even be asking yourselves why anyone might choose to go to such a place. True, there are many ethical issues one must consider when deciding whether or not to visit Myanmar, and we intend to discuss some of these in upcoming posts, but there is a very easy answer as to why someone would come here – the country is simply spectacular!

Fifteen minutes after arrival, we were already planning our next trip. Yangon (Rangoon) is a beautiful city full of green parks, markets, lakes, dilapidated colonial architecture, gilded pagodas and some of the friendliest people in Southeast Asia. I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with a country so quickly.

However, the country does have a dark side and this will definitely affect the way we blog here. Internet access is slow, hard to find, and highly censored. Electricity is unreliable in larger cities and shut off during much of the day in smaller towns. To compensate for some of these difficulties, we are, once again, allowing a longer delay between our blog location and our real-time location.

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