Incredible !ndia

Grimy Bed Sheets

We certainly knew what to expect when we decided to come to India – we’ve encountered enough travelers who have fled the filth and hassles of India to seek refuge in laid-back Nepal. Still, my first impression is that of sheer horror. The Incredible !ndia slogan on CNN suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

From what I can see on our first day in India, it is incredibly populated, incredibly polluted, incredibly smelly, and incredibly dirty. When we checked into our hotel room, I stood there for about 20 minutes before I could bring myself to sit down on the supposedly “clean”, but in all reality grotesque bed sheets. If you think this is a result of us trying to safe money, you are mistaken – this was the best place we could find (you should have seen the other ones).

The only thing that is keeping me from running back to Nepal is the incredibly delicious Indian food. At least there’s some hope that our India trip may turn out to be an incredible experience after all.

One response to “Incredible !ndia”

  1. avatar Aaina says:

    eww..ewww and eww..
    Ironcially I was at a $250 hotel a night in Niagara, NY and lifted my sheets to find, hairs under the comforter!
    Eww..Luckily I had my own sheets to put over and such.
    Gimme my sleeping bag anyday.

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