Hiking Spiti

Follow along as we explore the mountains and canyons of Spiti Valley on foot. Visit a hermit monk, witness a village holyman channeling local gods, and discover the spectacular cliff-side monasteries and villages of one of India’s remotest regions. Just click the video above to begin.

4 responses to “Hiking Spiti”

  1. avatar brixtonpat says:

    [..YouTube..] thanx for this …. brings it all back … can’t wait to get back out there….. namaste

  2. avatar Lorenza58 says:

    [..YouTube..] excellent video, I meant 5 stars!
    Tashi Delek from a fellow traveler 🙂 I was in Tabo last July myself (for the second time)

  3. [..YouTube..] You capture so much in such a short time. Watching the video gave me a very peaceful feeling. There is so much beauty and diversity in the world. So much to explore and to understand! And the holyman channeling local gods…wow.

  4. avatar karlos2228 says:

    [..YouTube..] this place is langza, not hikkim, the hikkim is next from there…………..

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