Hey, Hey, Hey… It’s Fat Albert!

Fat Albert Sign

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you find yourself strolling through a rural Indian village and happen upon… the Fat Albert Kaffee. What the hell ?!?! The world never ceases to crack me up.

Actually, it brings to mind a rather bizarre discovery here in India – the number of obese Indians. Most people don’t usually associate India with weight gain, but rather with extreme poverty for locals and Maharaja’s revenge for travelers. Although most Indians are on the thin side, many upper-class Indians are clearly tipping the scales. From our bus window, we even spotted a sign for an “anti-obesity camp” – I’m assuming that is some kind of weight loss facility and not a prison for the plump among us as the name suggests. It seems that prosperity has the same down-side here as it does in the West. Hmmm.

Interestingly, both Thomas and I have gained weight in India, which comes as a completely unexpected development to us. Although I guess we should have expected this. After 53 days of trekking in Nepal (carrying our own packs), we were both pretty fat free. Once we got to India, we dove in to the cheese-filled cuisine with creamy sauces and raitas (think Indian tzatziki sauce). I just hope we don’t end up getting caught by the “anti-obesity” police!

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  1. avatar myeurop says:

    aa yes, I’ve heard of Fat Albert. I believe Sturbucks bought it last week (-:

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