Happy New Year’s

To celebrate 2008, we put together a short video retrospective of our travels in Nepal and India featuring mostly video clips we haven’t shown. Happy New Year’s everyone and enjoy!

6 responses to “Happy New Year’s”

  1. avatar Beverly says:

    Happy New Years! Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, eventful, and successful – in our getting paid to sit in a hammock definition – 2009!

  2. avatar evelyn says:

    Merry New Year, TnT! I really enjoyed this latest video and seeing you both so happy. It made me reach out and give you giant hugs! May 2009 be even more full of adventure and discovery and nomadic friends. Take care, and know that you’re in many of our hearts and prayers this day. Love you….

  3. avatar gerawi says:

    Hallo Ihr Zwei! Ich wuensche Euch ein wuuunderschoenes Jahr 2009, dass Ihr immer gesund bleibt und auch immer schoen auf Euch aufpasst!
    Und mir wuensche ich noch viele schoene Filmchen und Berichte ueber Euer Nomadenleben.
    uebrigens: in Sinsheim gab es heute mindestens 5 cm Neuschnee!!!
    Ganz liebe Gruesse aus Deutschland, Anja

  4. avatar greeneyes says:

    Hello Guys,
    Ken and I wish you the Happiest New Year.

    Take care, stay safe, wear your sunscreen and sunglasses, and HAVE FUN


  5. [..YouTube..] Sorry, I mean do you know the name of the building at 2:53?

  6. avatar highbrand says:

    [..YouTube..] It’s Mahabat Maqbara in Junagadh. Spent my 25th birthday not too far away on Girnar Hill. A day to remember.

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