Bye, Bye G7


We would like to dedicate this posting to our wonderful little G7 which was tragically lost to the waves off the coast of Verde Island.

Our little G7 traveled with us from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the oceans in the Philippines. From the dense jungles of Sri Lanka to the arid expanses of the Thar Desert, our little snap-and-shoot performed admirably.

G7 biked the plains of Bagan, climbed the root-shrouded temples of Angkor, learned to ride an elephant in Cambodia, and explored the waterways of Kerala. Not many cameras get to do so much in one lifetime.

G7 produced more than 40 videos for us, quite an accomplishment for such a little camera. You can check out some of her better works on our Videos page. We will miss her and her outrageous macro features terribly. 🙁

2 responses to “Bye, Bye G7”

  1. Sorry to hear this. I hope you can purchase a reasonable replacement and keep posting your splendid videos!

  2. avatar Thomas says:

    Thanks, Laurelle. We bought a cheaper replacement for the time being (Canon D10). Cameras and such in the Philippines are way expensive. We’ll wait until we get to a more reasonable country.

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