2 responses to “But I really Want To!”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    They are just asking for it, aren’t they?

    This sign has been bugging me, because I think they are referring to the plant behind the sign as “basilicum”. That would indicate that the plant is Ocimum basilicum, or common basil. However, the plant in the photo looks like a woody shrub, and I do not think that common basil ever becomes woody; it’s an herbaceous annual. Also, it would be more understandable if they were asking you not to touch holy basil, tulsi, or Ocimum sanctum, which is indeed a holy herb in Ayurvedic medicine. I looked it up, and it doesn’t get shrubby either.

    I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, but plants always pique my interest.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    God, what a nut!!! I miss you so much.

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