From Bleaching to Beaching in Khao Lak

We came to Khao Lak to dive the world famous Similan Islands. But plans change. We were willing to pay the high prices for a live-aboard trip to the celebrated dive destination, but when one local dive operator commented that viewing the reef system made him want to break out in tears, we decided to keep our cash. The wave of coral bleaching that swept through the Indian Ocean in 2010 has hit Thailand’s Andaman Coast extremely hard. Global warming sucks!!!

Instead of diving, we enjoyed long beach walks along Khao Lak’s stunning coast. We must have walked twenty miles of beautiful golden sands. And although this destination is by no means undeveloped, there is plenty of room for everyone. If you walk far enough, you can have a glorious stretch of tropical paradise all to yourself. Just don’t look underwater. 🙁

2 responses to “From Bleaching to Beaching in Khao Lak”

  1. Well that news makes me very sad. However, I’m not surprised anymore, and still know in my heart that nature ALWAYS bats last. Those coral reefs will recover, and perhaps rebuild in other locations, although I may not get to see them in my lifetime.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Yes, clearly a child born today will never see the kind of reef that was common just 15 years ago. I snorkeled the Andaman Coast twenty years ago and the loss along the entire west coast of Thailand and Malaysia is almost impossible to convey. It’s devastating to look at.

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