Au Revoir Asia

We initially came to Asia with the intention of staying two to three years. We stayed nearly twice that amount of time. Fifteen countries and tens of thousands of ground miles later, it is time for the blog to say not goodbye but rather au revoir to Asia. We’ll definitely be back.

Despite the fact that we conceived of as a travel blog dedicated to in-depth world travel, many have labelled us a blog devoted to traveling Asia. Not so fast nay-sayers, we just haven’t gotten around to the rest of the world yet. It turns out that “in-depth” takes longer than you think.

3 responses to “Au Revoir Asia”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Even though your not currently going to travel Asia, will you consider presenting additional photos and stories of your experiences there or other areas you have previously traveled?

  2. avatar jeff and jen says:

    well, it’s about time! haha. wish we were still there 😉

    where to next?

  3. avatar AdventureRob says:

    Nothing wrong with being long term in Asia, it’s probably the most manageable continent financially to travel around anyway, hence it’s massive popularity… you’ll be back 🙂

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