Zip-lining Past Mt. Mayon

This picture was a serious stroke of luck! (You should try composing a shot while someone is flying past an 8000-ft volcano.) Actually, the photo would have been better if Mt. Mayon had been erupting in the background, which would have been the case if we had been here in January. Bummer, a few months too late.

Thomas Zip-Lines Past Mt. Mayon

Visitors to Legaspi, a mid-sized town in southern Luzon, should head straight for Lignon Hill, which is strangely absent from our guidebook. The view is out of this world and the inexpensive zip-line photo-op is a bargain at under $5 dollars a person. Even if zip-lining isn’t your thing, it’s a great place to sit and have a drink as you watch the clouds roll in from the Pacific and dance around what has been called the world’s most perfect volcanic cone.

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