Myanmar: What a Dollar Can Buy You

Coming to Myanmar, we were very uncertain about how much money we would need. Talks about black market exchange rates, high entrance fees and expensive transportation costs caused us to set our budget way too high. As it turns out, we’ve been spending about half, which is fantastic!

Tony in Yangon

To give you an idea about prices in Myanmar, we compiled a short list of things you may want or need.

Here’s what you can get in Myanmar for around a buck:

  • 1 glass of iced coffee
  • 4 packs of local cigarettes or 1/2 pack of Marlboros
  • 17 days worth of Doxycycline
  • 10 samosas (fried pastries filled with meat or vegetables)
  • 4 liters (1 gal) of drinking water
  • 1 can of Coca Cola or 1 liter of Myanmar Star Cola
  • 3 small sheets of gold leaf
  • 1 high-grade pomelo
  • 2 Bamar curry dishes including all the side dishes
  • 1 hour of Internet usage (tourist price) or 2.5 hours (local price)
  • 125 ml (4.2 oz) of Listerine

These prices are after the black market exchange. If you were to change your dollars in a bank, you’d be paying $170 for each of those items. Ouch!

3 responses to “Myanmar: What a Dollar Can Buy You”

  1. avatar Stefan says:

    So we’re going there in a few days and all I keep reading is how much it’s changed/changing…get crisp fresh dollars…change change change….

    You seemed to really like it (we’re reading lots to get very excited about our trip). How long were you there for?

    • avatar Tony says:

      We were there for a month, but that was in 2009. We have heard that Myanmar is changing super fast. I have no real idea what the situation is really like now. When we went the people were super friendly and very generous. But a friend who went to Myanmar with us went back again and said the scams and crap you in encounter in other parts of Southeast Asia are kicking in really quickly. But the country in incredibly beatiful and there is so much to do, we could easily go back a hundred times.

  2. avatar Vinod dinakar says:

    Yes the other day I saw a 2 hour complete review of Mynmar n u was shocked to see its development roads streets clean 90 percent n infrastructure super.
    Wish to go there as tourist for 10 days subject to county coming back to normalcy after the present military coup

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