We’re Evolving!!!

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Regular visitors to our site will be noticing some subtle changes over coming months to the way we will be presenting and archiving content at ContemporaryNomad.com. These changes reflect the evolving nature of travel blogging as an art form… and as a business.

What??? Oh, no!!!

Never fear, there will be plenty of travel, adventure, art, tips, architecture, wildlife, opinion – Thomas is screaming, “Food, food, don’t forget the food!” – AND, of course, food. But change is in the air!

Look for new social media components including our unifying #cndestinations hashtag, increased Google+ activity to complement our Facebook presence, and more. And while we are taking an evolutionary step forward into more social blogging, we fully intend to retain the soul and the standards of seasoned, old-world travel experts.

2 responses to “We’re Evolving!!!”

  1. avatar Sam says:

    Yes, please don’t forget the food. This sounds terribly exciting. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming!

  2. avatar Evelyn says:

    Yay for evolution! Best wishes to you both, TnT.

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