Visions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very colorful – in every aspect. Since we only had a few days in the capital of quirk and wanted to see as many shades of that color as possible, we chose to explore the city on foot and by boat. While other cities brag about their edgy street life, Amsterdam is all about cutting-edge canal life. In this video, we compiled the highlights of this smokin’ place (pun intended). Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

4 responses to “Visions of Amsterdam”

  1. avatar Laurelle says:

    Whew! That place looks like a giant adult amusement park. How does anybody ever get any work done around there?

    • avatar Tony says:

      I think there’s a HUGE difference between the Dutch and the tourists who visit Amsterdam. The center of the city does feel like an adult theme park, and I think many Dutch are getting a bit tired of that vibe. There’s a lot of disagreement on how Amsterdam (and the Netherlands in general) should market itself and develop itself in the future.

  2. avatar Bama says:

    Despite its quirkiness, I’ve heard a lot of good stories on Amsterdam: the buildings, the canals, and the people. Judging from your video it seems like the city has a lot to offer than just sex and weed.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Yes, Amsterdam is quite a cute city. Although it’s most notorious for the sex and weed, there’s WAY, WAY more to the city. I think there are quite a few people (including a lot of Dutch) who would prefer that Amsterdam market itself a little differently.

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