Upside Down, Inside Out

We finally had access to a TV with CNN, so I turned it on for a couple of hours to catch up. This is what I discovered:

Chinese citizens are outraged because Google finally decided to stop censoring their content.

A large group of women in Yemen gathered to protest a ban on child brides, arguing that marrying as young as 8 years old is a religious right.

Some American Congressmen are receiving violent messages, and even death threats, because they helped to pass universal health care. Evidently, according to opponents of the legislation, expanded coverage will bring on Armageddon.

I really feel like I missed something.

4 responses to “Upside Down, Inside Out”

  1. avatar greeneyes says:

    Yes all this amazes me every year of my life,
    how many people react and follow opinions and teachings of others; even at the cost of their own safety, security, and happiness.

  2. avatar Gary Arndt says:

    I’m not sure I’d call what got passed Universal Health Care, unless making people buy insurance under the penalty of fines and jail somehow means “universal”.

  3. Yep, the compulsory insurance model is used by several European nations and is always included in discussions on universal health care.

    In fact, I participated in such a model while I was living in Germany before starting The system has its problems, but generally runs much smoother and covers more people than in the US.

    It’s rather interesting to see Americans up in arms over compulsory health insurance when they have had to pay for car insurance for years.

    I just hope that America realizes that if they want a compulsory insurance model, then they have to have the insurance exchanges fully in place offering reasonably priced insurance.

  4. avatar greeneyes says:

    Oh Boy, I have got to respond to what Gary said.

    Last year I was very ill for six months here in San Diego and each time I had to go to emergency was a nightmare.
    Why, because even though I was having convulsions each time I was put in the waiting room in order of first come first serve.
    Most of the time the people ahead of me did not have insurance and were using emergency care as a way to see a doctor even though their condition was not an emergency. They had found the loophole that legally requires emergency to treat all even though they have no insurance and even though their condition was not a real emergency. What else could they do since they did not have insurance but to use this loophole to see a doctor.
    Yes we do need a form of universal health care where patients can be treated so as to prevent people from using emergency rooms as health clinics. You have no idea how horrible it is to be very ill with an actual emergency and have to wait in line for treatment. Twice over I had additional convulsion (in the waiting room on the floor.)

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