Troubling Visitors

Don't Strip Down

What’s up with the tourists here in Laos? The country is a magnet for drinkers and drug addicts. The party crowd plows their way across the country in a wave of destructive cluelessness. Why? Why come to Laos to party? Is there something I’m missing? Stick to Fort Lauderdale or Ibiza.

In response to this wave of numbskulls, Laos has begun to plead for better behavior. Here are some of the amusing/sad announcements we’ve seen in hotels and restaurants around the country.


Strange Hotel Rules

Dress Properly

Strange Hotel Regulations

One response to “Troubling Visitors”

  1. Aaah . . . . what a vision! Dirty, stinky, dreadlocked, stoned Western tourists. I can almost smell them now. Hang on to your valuables!

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