Train Traveling from Boston to Philadelphia


Looking for a smooth, hassle-free and affordable way of traveling from Boston to Philadelphia? Well, using a train might be your best bet. Generally, getting to Philadelphia from Boston via a train takes approximately 6 hours and 7 minutes, which is much faster than using a coach. The train line between Boston and Philadelphia is operated by Amtrak Train Company. Amtrak offers three train services including:

  • Amtrak
  • The Acela Express
  • The Northeast Regional

If you need to travel fast, the Amtrak Acela Service can get you to Philadelphia in less than 5 hours. It is quicker, more spacious and has stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi connections. There are over 40 trains running from Boston to Philadelphia every day, 35 of which offer direct connections. Besides soaking in the gorgeous views along the way, here are other reasons you might want to board a train from Boston to Philadelphia.


Rail travel gives you incredible flexibility and the ultimate road trip fun, especially when traveling with children. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable seat with plenty of leg room and a roaming space in between where you can stroll and stretch. Besides, there is an extra space between the carriages where you can pack home comforts for the children to relax through the journey. There is no way you can enjoy all this luxury when using a plane or coach. Trains from Boston to Philadelphia have a functional plug-in socket and plenty of electronic devices to keep you and your family entertained through the journey. The mobile phone coverage is also very reliable, and there is free Wi-Fi connection to keep you connected.


There is no doubt that flying to Philadelphia from Boston is quicker and cheaper. As a matter of fact, it will take you hours less than when using a train. However, think about the airport security lines and passport and luggage checks, not to mention the extra time you spend on the runway until the next departure slot. These processes are wearisome, stressful and can take up so much time.

What can be more convenient than a transport option that takes you right where you want to go? Well, Boston to Philadelphia trains will take you from Boston right to the heart of Philadelphia (30th Street Station). The station is approximately a 20-minute walk to the city center and a four-minute journey when using trolleys. This makes it easy to get to your destination and gives you more time to handle your business or enjoy fun activities with your loved ones. If you choose to fly, you will have to plan for a connecting taxi, bus or rail from Philadelphia International Airport to your destination.

Train travel is one of the most fascinating ways of getting to Philadelphia from Boston. It gives you a chance to travel across different areas, enjoy amazing sceneries and make new friends. Take a walk through Rittenhouse Square for a relaxing afternoon stroll, or sample the best cheesesteak in south Philly.

With so many train schedules spread throughout the day, there is always an option for you whether you are an early bird or last-minute traveler.

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