TnT Arrive in Sri Lanka

TnT’s excellent South Asian adventure has just landed us in exotic Sri Lanka! That’s right, Toto, we are no longer in India.

We’ve come to Sri Lanka for two reasons. The first, of course, is to explore this phenomenal island taking in its idyllic beaches, fascinating Buddhist culture, and wild national parks. The second, a much more practical reason, is that we have to get another visa for India, which can only be done outside the country.

Assuming we get the visa (which is not necessarily a given), we intend to return to India in February. Until then, sit back and enjoy something a little different.

2 responses to “TnT Arrive in Sri Lanka”

  1. avatar Katja says:

    Noch immer nicht genug von Indien? Das muss wahre Liebe sein…. Viele Gruesse aus Kanchanaburi und euch ein tolles 2009! Katja und Claudia (noch immer same same)

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    Beautiful photo composition.

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